Andreucci Trucking


Smart Freight Logistics and Brokerage Services

Running a transportation company isn't easy. That's why Andreucci Trucking places such an emphasis on easing our clients' logistical burdens. Our North Haven, Connecticut, company offers a range of helpful services to ensure that your business runs smoothly.

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Logistic Solutions

Our approach to freight logistics involves dispatching, supply chain management, and the plan for and control of forward and reverse flow of goods. We also address matters related to the relation between points of origin and consumption, while making sure drivers are properly dispatched and keeping track of your loads to ensure proper hauling and on-time delivery.


When you hire us to serve as your freight broker, we'll act as an intermediary, so you won't have to worry about transporting your freight. If your company needs a product shipped, but you don't have a tractor and trailer, we'll find a company that will haul your load at an agreed-upon price.

Cross Docking

When you need a load transferred from one trailer to another, we'll take care of it. We provide this service for our trailers and those from other carriers.